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B Sangkhumi

Padma Shri

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Mizo hmeichhia, Social work a Padma Shri dawng thei hmasa ber


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High School

Higher Secondary

Graduate Degree

Post Graduate Degree

Doctoral Degree

Other Degrees

1) Kahrawt Primary School , Champhai ( Nursery-Class III )
2) Champhai Middlle School ( Class IV -Class VI}

Gandhi Memorial High School, Champhai

Pre-University ( PUC ), Lady Keane College, Shillong

B.A ( History Honours)

Lady Keane College, Shillong

M A ( History)

Gwuahati University





State Level

1). Jeriko Khualbuk din leh enkawl : Pi B.Sangkhumi hi Jeriko Khualbuk , Mizorama hmeichhe De-addiction Centre hmasaber kum 1990 a din tu zingah telin Managing Board ah Chairman ni mek a ni. Govt of India ah he Project buaipuitu a ni.

2). Hmangaihte Run din: Pi B.Sangkhumi rawtnain MHIP hnuaiah ‘Hmangaihte Run’ June 21, 2004 ah din ani .Managing Board ah Chairman ani. President anih term khatna (2005- 07)ah Adoption Agency recognition nen naupang 13 adoption pek a ni.

3) Pi B.Sangkhumi hian kum 1995 atangin MHIP Gen Hqrs a zawm a, President MHIP Gen .Hqrs ah term thum thlan a ni. A kaihhruaiin ‘Women Empowerment’ hi kum 18 azawnin MHIP KUMPUAN’ atan hman a ni.

4) MHIP Day State Holiday: Pi B.Sangkhumi hova MHIP in ngawrh taka an ngenna avangin kum 2006 atangin MHIP Day, July 6 chu Mizoram Sawrkar in ‘State Holiday’ah a puang ta a ni.

5) Technical Selection Rules thar siam :’The Mizoram Higher Tech Selection Rules 1999’(Written exam) MBSE Syllabus behchhana asiam chu Sawrkarin apawma, hman nghal ani.MBSE syllabus avangin zokhua azirten MBBS,BDS an zir theita a, MBSE Syllabus hman avangin ,Mizoramah School thahnem tak a ding thar ta a ni.

6) World Bank Project : Pi B.Sangkhumi, Project Director kaihhruaiin heng Project pathum hi siamin Rs 35 crores hmuh a ni –
(i)Women Polytechnic Complex
(ii)Mizoram Polytechnic,Lunglei
(iii)Const of Tech Directorate Buildng,Aizawl

7) 'Women Hockey Tournament’ (2006-07) MHIP Hqrs. leh Mizoram Sports Council in a buatsaih a, District tin ah MHIP Sub-Hqrs.-ten District Championship Tournament neiin April 3 & 4, 2007-ah Final Competition Aizawl ah khelh ani. Heng atang hian player tha hmuhchhuakin , a thente chu International Level atana thlan an ni .

National Level

1) She received ‘A CERTIFICATE OF STANDING FIRST’ in All India Essay Writing Competition in English (for College Students ) on the Subject of “Religion according to Swami Vivekananda” in 1969 from Institute of Social Educati on and Recreation, Ramkrishna Mission Ashrama, West Bengal
2) She was awarded PADMA SHRI IN SOCIAL WORK in 2021 (First Mizo Woman awarded Padma Shri in Social Work)

International Level

She represent Assam State in the ‘International Youth Seminar’during 4th-30th January, 1970 ( 50 delegades from India and 50 from foreign countries.) organized for closing Gandhi Centenary Celebrations in India .Delegades visited all important historical places connected with Gandhijis works and teachings in the whole country.






1) PADMA SHRI IN SOCIAL WORK in 2021 (First Mizo Woman awarded Padma Shri in Social Work)

2) ‘A CERTIFICATE OF STANDING FIRST IN MIZORAM’ in The Mizoram Middle School Examination ,1960 from Champhai Middle School, Champhai

3) ‘CERTIFICATES OF APPRECIATIONS’ being The First Woman Chairperson of Mizoram Public Service Commission from MHIP Gen. Hqrs, all MHIP Sub-Hqrs, Blocks, Joints and many Branches, Women NGOs of different fields and De-addiction Centres

4) ‘CERTIFICATES OF APPRECIATIONS’ for her continuous and fearless efforts for the Rights of Mizo Women which resulted in passing of ‘THE MIZO DIVORCE ORDINANCE, 2008 by the Mizoram Cabinet and ultimately ‘The Mizo Christian Marriage, Divorce and Inheritance of Properties Act, 2014’ passed by the Mizoram Legislative Assembly from MHIP Gen. Hqrs, all MHIP Sub-Hqrs, Blocks, Joints and many Branches of MHIP.

Mizo tawnga lehkhabu ziak te
1) Lalpa Tih (Edited in 2008)
2) I Pa tak tak ka ni ( Edited in 2011 & 2013)
3) MHIP Chanchin 1974-2009 ( Edited in 2009)
4) India ram hmeichhiate dinhmun (Edited in 2010)
7) Mizo Hmeichhiate tan Malsawmna,( Edited in 2015)
8) Mizo Khawtlang Nun tichhetu chhuichianna leh a Damdawi(Edited in 2015)
9) Rabboni Bethel (Kraws a Lal Isua thusawi pasarih te)( Edited in 2020)

Saptawng lehkhabu Mizo tawnga lehlin te:
1) Isua nen a lehkha kan in thawnna ( My Correspondences with Jesus ) by Rev. Richard Wurmbrand ( Edited in 1991 with Copies 5000
2) Rawngbawlna Hlawhtling Chanchin (A story of Triumph ) by Rev Richard Wurmbran ( Edited in 1995 with Copies 5000)
3) His Master’s Job by Samuel Mena ( Edited in 2000 with copies 5000)
4) Bibles for China (Edited in 1996 with copies 5000)


Mission Works and Social Works

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