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John Lalnunkima Khiangte

John Lalnunkima Khiangte


Current engagement

Vice President, Disney & Star India



An Economist with over 15 years of experience in Public Policy, specializing in Law & Economics, Government & Legislative Affairs, and External Communications


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High School

Higher Secondary

Graduate Degree

Post Graduate Degree

Doctoral Degree

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla


BA Economics Hons

Sri Ram College of Commerce

Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University

MA Economics (Law & Economics)




State Level

National Level

International Level


Current positions:
Member of Governing Council, Merchants Payments Alliance of India (MPAI)
Member of Public Policy Committee, Internet and Mobile Association of India (MPAI)
Member of Media & Entertainment Sub-Committee, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI)

Past positions:
Member of FICCI’s Task Force on Direct Selling
Member of FICCI’s Task Force on Goods and Services Tax
Member of PHDCC’s sub-committee on Retail, e-Commerce & FMCG

Current positions:
Member of the Working Group on Privacy, US-India Business Council (USIBC)






1. Advisor to the World Bank Project titled, “Assessment of Trade-Related Infrastructural Gaps and Requirements for MSRII - RTCP Roads, 2018.”
2. Team leader for the study on “Agri-Horti Infrastructure Blueprint Project, West Bengal, 2017”
3. Consulting Editor of a Quarterly Report called “The Aware Consumer, 2016”
4. Research lead for a report titled “Amway India Entrepreneurship Report 2016”
5. Research lead for a joint report by FICCI and titled National Law School of India University, Bangalore titled “Establishment of an Appropriate Regulatory Framework for Direct Selling in India, 2014
6. Research Head for a joint report by FICCI & KPMG titled “Direct selling - A global industry empowering millions in India, 2014”
7. Research Head for a Report on “Electronics Manufacturing in India – The Pursuit of Greater Localization, 2013”
8. Research Head for a Report on “Impact of AADHAAR on TPDS, 2010”
9. Research Head for a Report on “E-connect India, 2009”
10. Research Head for a Report on “The Talent map of India, 2008”



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