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Avora Records

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Stephen Marcus Rualzakhuma Hnamte
Lalkhawsiama Saivate
Lalremruata Renthlei
Lalsangzuala Ralte
H. Lalchhuankima



Avora Records" is an Indian indie rock band from Aizawl, Mizoram formed in 2012 by Khos Hmar, Mamaa Ralte and Ruata Renthlei as a side-project to record songs. The group went through a series of line-up changes till it turned into a band with Stephen Hnamte, Sanga Ralte & CK Hauzel joining it. Since 2016, the band's line-up has been the same and in 2017, Mamaa Ralte parted ways with the band.
In 2018, the band released its debut singles "Sunday" & "23:00". In 2019, they released "If You're Not Sweating To This Then Honey You're Not 90's" and "Waltz Of The Foolish Youth" in 2020. The band's debut album, "Comedians On Drugs" was released on October 1, 2020.
They gained nationwide attention after winning Sennheiser Top 50 Season 3 and Hornbill International Rock Contest in 2017. The band has performed all across the country and shared the stage with prominent artists.


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Winner of MZU Vibrio Rock Fest 2017 (Aizawl)

Winner of Sennheiser Top 50 Season 3 (Mumbai)

Winner of Hornbill International Rock Contest 2017 (Nagaland)



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1. Terra Mayaa, Guwahati (23rd August 2017)
2. Hard Rock Cafe, Worli Mumbai (21st September 2017)
3. The Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Meghalaya (28th Oct 2017)
4. North East Festival, New Delhi (4th November 2017)
5. International Trade Fair, New Delhi (18th November 2017)
6. Winter Festival, Tanhril Aizawl (28th November 2017)
7. Hornbill Festival, Dimapur, Nagaland (8th December 2017)
8. The Orange Festival, Arunachal Pradesh (16th December 2017)
9. Mizoram Music Festival, Hmuifang Mizoram (28th December 2017)
10.The WareHouse Cafe, Folkland Aizawl (30th December 2017)
11.ATTITUDE 18, Assam Downtown University (11th February 2018)
12.Fete Dulong, Jowai (5th April 2018)
13.The Evening Club, Shillong (11th April 2018)
14.Inferno, Mizoram University (13th April 2018)
15.Hard Rock Cafe, Worli Mumbai (24th May 2018)
16.The Great Northeastern Momo Fest, Guwahati (2nd September 2018)
17.Ziro Festival, Arunachal Pradesh (29th September 2018)
18.Folkland Park, Aizawl, Mizoram (6th October 2018)
19.Autumn Festival, Shillong (26th October 2018)
20.Thuwuni Festival, Nagaland (16th November 2018)
21.Hornbill International Rock Contest Finale, Dimapur, Nagaland (8th December 2018)
22.Hornbill Bamboo Carnival ’18, Dimapur, Nagalnd (9th December 2018)
23.Rock N Rise, Chapaguri (5th January 2019)
24.World Music Festival, Udaipur, Rajasthan (16th February 2019)
25.DD National: Rock The Night, New Delhi (19th February 2019)
26.Northeast Handloom & Handicraft Exhibition, Aizawl (8th October 2019)
27.Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Meghalaya (2nd November 2019)
28.Thuwini Music Fest Thuwuni Festival, Nagaland (28th November 2019)


Stephen Marcus Rualzakhuma Hnamte - Vocalist
Lalkhawsiama Saivate - Guitarist
Lalremruata Renthlei - Guitarist
Lalsangzuala Ralte - Drummer
H. Lalchhuankima - Bassist




Stephen Marcus Rualzakhuma Hnamte - Playing Dota 2
Lalkhawsiama Saivate - Sketching
Lalremruata Renthlei - Playing Dota 2
Lalsangzuala Ralte - Skating
H. Lalchhuankima - Playing Call Of Duty

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