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Puzzled much? Perks of being a law graduate

Law - one of the oldest academic fields and yet, it still holds importance in this era of information technology. If you need inspiration, you can dig up some of the world’s influential leaders like Margaret Thatcher, Barack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, to name a few.

The work of a lawyer as a profession for want of upholding justice is definitely one of the main reasons one takes up law. However, not everyone feels the same way. Having a law degree does not compel one to be a lawyer by profession but rather paved the way in developing capabilities to many other fields and are not restricted just to courtrooms. Various large corporations are in need of legal counsels to take care of the legal matters.

In short, the probability of building a career in the field of law, amongst many, may be the following-

§ Litigating lawyer

§ Judges

§ Law Officer

§ Legal Advisor

§ Legal Manager

§ Corporate Lawyer

§ In-house legal department of various companies

§ Professor in School of Law

§ Researcher

It may be safe to say that law is one of the few fields of study where you are blessed with multiple career options. You are trained to develop legal knowledge as a strong foundation and experience in this field may be found useful in other sectors as well. In terms of earning, if you work hard in this competitive world of survival of the fittest, remember the sky is the limit!

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