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8 years of learning in the corporate world..

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Philanthropy need not start where work ends. Be a blessing to others at the workplace!!

Fundamental Duties of an employee

  • The ultimate goal is to reach a stage where you tell your manager what he should be doing

  • Avoid going to your manager with open questions like- “please tell me what to do”. If you do, you are duty bound to obey :)

  • Limit the outcomes; go to him with options with their pros and cons and your recommendations on the same

  • The least you can do is tell the truth no matter what

  • You will be making mistakes. What matters is what you learnt from them.

  • If your boss is overloaded or excessively involved in your work ask yourself- “What am I doing wrong?, Am I missing something?”


  • Try using “We” instead of “I” in team meetings

  • Have empathy

  • Democratise information and data- remember, there is no Intellectual Property (IP) rights attached to your work

  • With new employees avoid using words like- “You do not even know this?”. Instead, encourage them to ask questions

  • Be accountable for your work and take ownership. People easily know a “kaam chor”

  • The team is only as strong as the weakest member


  • When somebody asks a question

    • Listen patiently to what he is saying

    • Try to figure out what he is trying to convey

    • Try to figure out the context behind the question

    • Ask a question if the question is not clear

  • Not every question is an interrogation. You need not be defensive all the time

  • When somebody asks a question expecting a “Yes” or a “No”, say “Yes” or “No” first then put your point across

  • Take a second or two to think what you are going to say- Nobody wants to know your auto-biography

  • Ask the “Right Questions”

Have principles you live by

  • Do not try to make everyone happy. You and your team will end up suffering

  • Saying Yes to everything is an excuse for not putting enough effort

  • Be transparent with your team and stakeholders

  • Perform your duties with full ownership and honesty

  • Say what you mean. Mean what you say

  • Be objective, fair and consistent in your decisions ( this cannot happen if you try to make everyone happy all the time)


  • One does not become a leader overnight

  • One does not become a leader by virtue of designation

  • One can show the qualities of a Vice President (or any leadership role) in his/her responsibilities and actions

  • Do not let your role and designation limit your thoughts

  • Sometimes it is more important to make a quick decision rather than taking time making the right decision

  • Trust your team!!

  • Before that, make sure you have a team you can trust otherwise you are in trouble

  • Monitoring is more difficult than doing :)

  • How do we start?

    • Anticipate the questions the leader will be asking

    • Put yourself in the shoes of the leader

    • Think and act way above your current grade ( do not show ego or attitude)

    • Show Eagerness to take on new responsibilities

Making an impact

  • Nobody makes fake copies of Micromax products. You get fake Apple products, not Micromax (no offense intended)

  • If people take credit for your work it is a STAMP that you have achieved something worth stealing

  • Put your heart and soul in your work- people should be able to know that it is your work just by seeing it

  • Focus on IMPACT, not a to-do-list

  • Do not waste your time on non-impactful activities

  • If your rating is your main concern your best achievement will be the best rating ;)

  • As long as your intentions are right do not be scared to make mistakes

Boss Management

  • Bosses are also human beings

  • Everyone wants freedom. But freedom always has a price. You need to earn it.

  • Figure out areas where he or she needs your assistance. They will probably never ask for it

  • They are also under tremendous pressure (way more than yours), cut them some slack

  • Do not go to your boss with only problems

  • Give updates even if it is not asked

  • Everyone has a weakness, figure out his/her weakness. See if you can compliment it.

  • Can you help him/her amplify his strengths?

Everybody Loves….

  • A reliable employee ( after a point reliability >> intelligence )

  • A proactive employee

  • A supportive colleague

  • A colleague who is genuine in thoughts and actions

  • An empathetic boss

  • A boss with clarity of thought

Views are personal and are based on the author’s experience.

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